What If Your Car Accident Prevents You From Working?

Loss of ability to earn

You may be eligible for compensation for your losses if you get injuries in an automobile accident that wasn’t your fault. Your car accident law firm Mississauga future ability to make money is one kind of loss that may occur. This is not included in any income you have lost due to time off work for your accident-related injuries.

A medical condition that keeps you from working

You must be less able to earn money from employment in the future due to your accident-related injuries to be eligible for compensation for loss of earning ability. For instance, if you have a profession that demands heavy lifting and a back injury prevents you from law firms for car accidents doing it, you might have to find a different, lower-paying employment. You might also need to spend time and money to retrain for another job. Your losses might be the difference in pay between your pre-accident and post-accident jobs or the lost earnings and costs associated with retraining for new employment. Courts are hesitant to rule that an injury victim will never be able to perform any job.

A wound that decreases your employability to employers

You may still be eligible for compensation for lost earning capacity even if you can still work, but your injuries make it harder for you to perform your duties. For instance, if you need to take longer breaks or another employee must handle some of your tasks, the car accident law firm has reduced your marketability to employers. By doing this, you run a higher chance of ending up unemployed or earning less money than you otherwise would have.

How courts calculate the amount of lost future income

The severity of your injuries, whether you had pre-existing conditions, your income and employment history before the accident, your education and training, your age, and the number of working years you still have ahead of you are all factors that courts take into account when calculating your potential loss of income. The courts also consider the efforts you took to pursue alternative work or to retrain for a different job. In general, your possible loss of future income increases the longer you still have working years. Courts, however, are more likely to demand that a young person retrain for a new profession.

Evidence of potential income loss

It is occasionally essential to retain the services of an expert, such as an occupational therapist or an economist, to demonstrate a loss of future revenue. For example, a court may seek the Ontario car accident law firm professional advice of an occupational therapist regarding the occupations you cannot do due to your injury or the modifications you need. Likewise, an economist can predict how much money you would have made and how much less you would likely make if the accident had not occurred.

The amount you may be entitled to for lost earning capability depends on various circumstances. To ensure you are fairly paid for any losses the accident has caused you, you must speak with a car accident lawyer.